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Equip your spacecraft for autonomous RPOD

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for spacecraft

 providing satellite services and orbital logistics


Our spacecraft Rendezvous, Proximity Operations, and Docking (RPOD) Kit provides a turnkey solution to equip spacecraft for safe, reliable, and autonomous orbital docking.

It combines all of the necessary hardware and software required to enable on-orbit services, including:

  • Asset inspection

  • Space situational awareness

  • Orbital refueling

  • Satellite life-extension

  • Satellite hardware upgrade and replacement

  • Satellite end-of-life & space debris removal

  • Assisted satellite orbit relocation and reusable logistics vehicles

  • Orbital manufacturing materials delivery & manufactured product return

  • Space station crew, tourist, & cargo transportation


Alongside safety and reliability, key features include:

  • Low mass, volume, and power consumption

  • Easily interface with existing spacecraft subsystems

  • Data fusion between existing spacecraft sensors and RPOD Kit navigation sensors

  • Built in safe aborts and mission optimization to ensure the safety of all spacecraft involved during docking missions

  • Compatible with virtually all docking interfaces

  • Compatible with both chemical and electric propulsion systems

  • Fleet performance improved after each docking mission via software updates

The RPOD Kit is intended for cooperative docking missions. For uncooperative missions and for use with robotic arms, please contact us to discuss your mission needs.


Are you designing for the future of the space economy?

We are excited to be building towards robust on-orbit servicing and orbital logistics markets. If you are interested in learning more about how spacecraft missions are changing, or for more  information about our products and services, please contact us.

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