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Passive Puck

for spacecraft

receiving on-orbit services

Active Puck

for on-orbit

service providers

The Puck

The Puck is a small, lightweight, and cost-effective way for any satellite to receive on-orbit services.

This 4-in-1 interface combining mechanical, fluid, power, and data transfer capabilities is an alternative to other commonly used ground hardware interfaces. In addition to working terrestrially during testing or during preparations for launch, the Puck enables any satellite to receive services in orbit, including:​

  • Refueling

  • Recharging

  • Data transfer

  • Life-extension

  • Orbit relocation

  • Hardware replacement

  • Deorbiting

On-orbit services increase a satellite's operational mission lifetime, resulting in more uptime, and more time spent generating revenue.

Equip your spacecraft with the Puck without committing to any future services, and retain the peace of mind that satellite services can extend your satellite's mission lifetime or recover it from complications whenever you may need.

The Puck is available in a passive form for spacecraft to receive services, an active form for spacecraft providing in-space services, and a ground-half coupling for pre-flight testing and preparations.


Service Pods

Service Pods are Obruta's orbital service delivery systems. Each Service Pod incorporates rendezvous, proximity operations, and docking capabilities, and can host a variety of orbital service payloads to meet your spacecraft's needs.

Our Service Pods can provide your satellites with a variety of on-orbit service solutions, including:

Refueling, Battery Recharging, Data Transfer

Using the Puck service interface, our Service Pods can transfer fuel for monopropellant or bipropellant systems, power for EPS battery recharging or subsystem expansion, and even data between onboard computers.

Life-Extension, Orbital Maneuvers

For when you need mobility solutions without the hassle of an integrated on-board propulsion system, our Service Pods can dock to your satellite to meet your mobility needs.


Hardware Replacement

It no longer has to be the end of a mission if a solar panel or antenna fails to deploy. The Puck's data and power interfaces enable long term hardware replacement Service Pods to integrate into your spacecraft and overcome conventionally mission-critical failures.

End of Life Deorbiting

Let your satellite focus on its mission right up until the end of its life. With our Deorbit Service Pods we take care of decommissioning your spacecraft, ensuring you get the most out of your mission.


Whatever your service needs, our flexible Service Pods ensure that we can deliver the right solution to your satellites.


Are You Ready to join the future of on-orbit servicing?

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