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Obruta is working to ensure the sustainability of all spacecraft so that we may create a robust off-world economy which will enhance all lives back on Earth. With our rendezvous, proximity operations, and docking (RPOD) systems, Obruta enables the many interactions of the space economy.


Humble Beginnings

While developing novel space debris removal technology, a team of aerospace engineers wanted to take their academic and personal research interests further.


Kevin Stadnyk and Dr. Kirk Hovell came together to form Obruta Space Solutions with one goal in mind: to make servicing a spacecraft as easy and as commonplace as servicing your car.

Located in Ottawa, Canada, Obruta's technologies focus on spacecraft rendezvous, proximity operations, and docking systems to enable the satellites of today to build the on-orbit servicing and orbital logistics markets of tomorrow.



The team at Obruta Space Solutions is privileged to be advised by a knowledgeable and distinguished group of industry veterans.

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