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Our Story

While developing novel space debris removal technology, co-founders Kevin and Kirk wanted to take their academic research interests further.


All three founders came together to form Obruta Space Solutions with one goal in mind: to make servicing an orbiting spacecraft as commonplace as servicing your car

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Obruta's technology focuses on interfaces for satellite docking, orbital servicing, and both active and end-of-life space debris removal methods.

Our Vision

Obruta envisions a future where humans sustainably occupy the orbital environment.


To achieve this, Obruta is developing technology to capture and clean up high-risk space debris which poses a threat to satellites and humans alike.

To enable humans to occupy space sustainably Obruta is developing the Puck, a device to end the single-use paradigm of spacecraft. By enabling refueling amongst other features, the Puck allows all satellites to extend their lifespans while aiding in their eventual removal.

Our Team

Kevin Stadnyk

Co-founder, CEO

EIT, MASc, BEng Aerospace Engineering, Carleton University

Kirk Hovell

Co-founder, CTO

EIT, PhD Candidate, MASc, BEng Aerospace Engineering, Carleton University

Lucas Brewster

Co-founder, COO

EIT, BEng Aerospace Engineering, Carleton University


Steve Ulrich

Carleton University Associate Professor of Space Systems Engineering, PhD, PEng

Cornelius Zünd

ESA Industrial Policy Officer, Director General at Octant Aerospace Consulting, Founder & CEO at Satellite Squared, MBA, BEng

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