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Extend your satellite's operational lifetime through on-orbit servicing


Obruta Space Solutions was founded from a simple idea: what if servicing a spacecraft was as easy and commonplace as servicing your car?

To achieve this, we are developing the foundational technologies which meet the needs of the emerging satellite servicing industry and the growing concerns around the safety, removal, and future mitigation of all space debris.

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Are You Ready for the Next Generation of Space?

Interested in learning more about how to equip your satellites for orbital servicing, or how your satellites can receive our on-orbit service solutions?


Equip Your Satellites for the Future of Space Operations with the Puck

With Obruta's satellite servicing interface, the Puck, you will have peace of mind in knowing that your satellites will last longer and can react quicker to the changing commercial space landscape by receiving on-orbit services when you need them.

Lower Costs

Extend your satellite's operational lifespan and defer upfront costs involved with replacing aging satellites through on-orbit services.

Design for Sustainability

The Puck is a robust grapple point compatible with a range of deorbiting methods in order to reduce the threat of space debris.

Unlock Your
Full Satellite

Replace common single-use interfaces with the Puck and perform the same functions both on the ground and in orbit.

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Receive On-Demand Services

Receive on-orbit services including refueling, life-extension, deorbiting, and hardware upgrades from our fleet of Service Pods.

Whatever your satellite needs,

We've got a service for it.

Refuel and Recharge

The Puck enables your satellite to receive fuel, power, and data both before launch and while in space. Our Service Pods ensure your satellites are always operating at full capacity.

Increased Mobility

Whether your satellite needs a boost or just wants to conserve fuel, our Service Pods provide life-extension and orbital maneuver services to ensure your satellites always have the mobility they require.

Hardware Upgrades

With its power and data connections, the Puck allows for new hardware components to be installed so your satellite can continue operating even when other components begin to show their age.


End of Life Deorbiting

The Puck is compatible with a range of deorbiting methods in order to reduce the threat of space debris. Our Service Pods ensure that your satellite does not linger in orbit after its mission is complete.