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The Best Spacecraft Pilot in the Universe

Safe, reliable, and autonomous spacecraft docking for on-orbit servicing and logistics


Safe, reliable, and autonomous RPOD is critical to a multitude of emerging markets and services

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Orbital Refueling

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Satellite Life Extension

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Orbital Replacement

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End of Life & Space Debris Removal

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Orbital Logistics

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Orbital Manufacturing

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Orbital Station Tourism

Obruta Space Solutions was founded from a simple idea: what if servicing a spacecraft was as easy and commonplace as servicing your car?

To achieve this, we are developing the foundational technologies to meet the growing needs of the on-orbit servicing and logistics markets, and the growing concerns around the safety, removal, and future mitigation of all space debris.

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Are You Ready for the Next Generation of Space?

Interested in learning more about spacecraft docking and the new markets it unlocks?


Obruta is powering the interactions of the emerging space economy  through reimagined spacecraft Rendezvous, Proximity Operations, and
Docking (RPOD)

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Built for NewSpace

RPOD technology designed to meet the mass, power, and cost demands of today's spacecraft

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Full Autonomy

We automate the critical proximity operation and docking mission segments so you are free to focus on the tasks that matter most

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Sustainability First

We believe in a sustainable space economy, which is why we strives to enable true spacecraft sustainability

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Continual Improvement

A system that learns on the go to ensure continual mission success no matter the challenges

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