Technology Development for Active and End-of-Life Space Debris Removal Systems

Space debris removal is an untapped and growing market that threatens the multi-billion dollar space economy. Here at Obruta Space Solutions, we are tackling this problem using our active tethered-net technology, and combating the creation of future debris with our end-of-life satellite deorbiting systems. By focusing on both sides of the debris problem, we can ensure a clean environment, and safe future for all space missions.

Our novel tether design improves upon active tethered-net capture methods. It passively stabilizes tumbling debris, resulting in a reduction in both overall mission time and fuel consumption. Our tether design has been proven to outperform classical methods for tethered-net capture in simulation, and has been verified in a laboratory environment.

There are over 22 000 orbital objects that are regularly tracked and catalogued, but over 129 million total objects in orbit according to our best estimates! Space is more cluttered than ever, and large scale collisions due to space debris are inevitable unless mitigation measures are taken. Learn about this invisible threat to our daily lives and how it impacts you.

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