Active Removal Deployment System

Active Removal Deployment System

Obruta's Active Removal Deployment System (ARDS) is a tethered-net deployment mechanism designed to interface with any active debris removal tethered-net.

Nets are capable of being deployed at up to 1 m/s using mechanical springs, a method which creates no new debris during the deployment process and is safer than explosives or compressed gas.

Deployment mechanisms are configurable with a net-closing winch, allowing the net to securely tighten on a target once captured.

Key features of the tethered-net deployment mechanism include:

  • Net deployment speed of 1 m/s
  • Peak power draw of 5 W
  • Net-closing winch attachment
  • 4 or 6 net corner weight configurations
  • Houses nets up to 20 m x 20 m
  • Fully mechanical design, no compressed gas or explosives

For questions about our tethered-net technology please contact us.

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