Currently, satellites are not equipped to be serviced in orbit, but Obruta is changing this with the Puck. The Puck replaces existing fuel fill and drain valves electrical ports, and data ports to provide a single interface for all future spacecraft servicing needs.

By replacing existing systems and providing uninterrupted ground operations it costs you nothing to make the switch today. What you gain is access to a suite of orbital services at your disposal.

The Puck is available in a lightweight Passive form (left) for satellites seeking to be serviced, and an Active form (right) for satellites seeking to provide services.

Services enabled by the Puck include:

  • Ground umbilical for satellite fill and drain operations, battery charging, and systems testing or troubleshooting

  • Orbital docking with alignment petals, soft capture, and hard capture

  • A grapple point for space tug or deorbiting services

  • Orbital refueling

  • Inter-satellite data and electrical power transfer

  • Attachment of modular systems to replace mission critical hardware failures

To pre-order the Puck or learn more please contact us.

The Puck

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