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Computer Vision Engineer

Remote (Canada)

Job Type:

Full Time

About the Role

Obruta is growing our team as we build the autonomy technologies required for fully-automated robot workers and lay the foundation for a sustainable in-space economy. Obruta is seeking a keen, passionate employee to lead our Spacecraft Relative Navigation team. You will be responsible for developing computer vision models, innovative filtering approaches, state-of-the-art sensor fusion, and hardware implementation to further a major component of Obruta’s vision—the sensing and perception required for complete spacecraft autonomy.



  • Propose and implement state-of-the-art computer vision techniques, both classical and AI-based, for the purposes of spacecraft relative navigation. They need to work in the real world despite having little access to real-world data.

  • Develop pipelines to quickly ingest large amounts of data to improve models.

  • Use modern filtering techniques to refine estimates once the sensors themselves are pushed to their limits.

  • Fuse multiple sensors together, at different stages of the mission, to deliver refined state estimates.

  • Develop testing strategies to validate system performance under a range of conditions.

  • Propose specific hardware needed to run the developed algorithms while achieving the desired performance.

  • Continuously improve developed systems by staying up-to-date with modern approaches.

  • Honest and clear communication about work status, timelines, and conflicts.

Required Qualifications:

  • An eager attitude to build incredible software that will make spacecraft fully autonomous,  and a shared vision to drive massive growth in the off-world economy.

  • Degree in Computer Science / Aerospace Engineering, or a similar field.

  • Deep knowledge in at least one of the following areas:

  • AI-based computer vision

  • Classical computer vision

  • Sensor fusion

  • An ability to code in Python and on real-time systems.

  • A track record of taking ideas from their concept to a working prototype → We want to see examples.

  • Excellent communication skills—they’re essential for us all to flourish.

Nice to have:

  • Deep knowledge in at least one of the following areas:

  • Kalman filtering

  • Edge computing

  • Spacecraft operations

  • Experience in Matlab/SIMULINK and C++

Obruta is a remote-first company, but will have hardware testing that necessitates travel to Ottawa, Ontario. The team is currently spread between Ottawa and Halifax and therefore a slight preference is given to candidates in those locations. Please apply with your resume and GitHub.

About Obruta

Obruta Space Solutions was founded in 2019 with a vision of humanity reaching an interplanetary future. To achieve this, Obruta is building advanced autonomy technology and laying the foundation for a sustainable multiplanetary economy.

Today's satellites cannot be repaired, refueled, or reused. The single-use paradigm of the space economy restricts the missions we can perform and limits the market's economic potential. Obruta is changing this with our flagship product, the RPOD Kit. With a turnkey system for spacecraft rendezvous, proximity operations, and docking, satellite servicing and reusable logistics are being brought to the commercial market so that maintaining a spacecraft is as easy as maintaining your car.

If you share our vision, then we invite you to apply to join our growing team and help lay the foundation for humanity’s interplanetary future.

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