Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Last Knight, Short Stories

I crave of thee then, that thou obtain for me Olwen, the daughter of Yspaddaden Penkawr; and this boon I likewise seek at the hands of thy warriors.

After Atlantis sank and irrecoverably took European civilization to the bottom of the Atlantic, the White Book of Rhydderch tells us that Arthur gathered his knights for one last great stand against the darkness. 
You  have heard the bittersweet story of Camelot, Arthur, Guinevere and the problem child Lancelot. That is the wrong story. (I am not saying that Camelot and the cup didn't happen. But it is not going to happen here.)

The Welsh Chronicle tells what really happened.

The White Book (confirmed in the Red Book of Hergest) tells you a story that you will not read in English books, and not just because the English never got the hang of pronouncing Welsh names, like Kynyr Keinvarvawc. And even if the English warmed to cuddly names like Olwen, their enthusiasm cooled once they found that she was the daughter of the unpronounceable Yspaddaden Penkawr who was quite good at throwing daggers.

We know the English have had problems ever since they lost civilization. (To tell the truth, i have never really gotten the hang of the English. I have put off travel over there because i am not sure i would understand either the language or the culture or places with more than 4 or 5 people, like cities. But this story is not about me, or what happened last night. Which I meant to ask you about. But, maybe another time.)

This is the (real) story of those that Arthur gathered as the world burned. And about those other knights, the ones that got lost. 

Sir Cie (of the Peculiar gifts)
Sir Gwaddn (of the Bonfire) 
Sir Gwefi (of the unfortunate Lips who was sometimes Sad) 
Sir Morfran (the ugly) 
Sir Osla (of the Big knife and who died of death) 
Sir Ossol (who stands responsible for Flat English mountains)
Sir Sugn (the Sucker), 
Sir Uchdryd (of the Cross beard) 

It tells the story about the last knight, 
and, as i mentioned earlier, Olwen.

(work in progress)

Lechyd da!

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