Friday, 11 January 2019

Bungonia Creek Falls - Stone Pillar

Before Bungonia Creek meets Jerrara Creek, it falls through a steep canyon with a number of medium-high falls that can only be seen by experienced abseillers. However, on the track to Jerrara Canyon, you might catch a glimpse of this water-carved pillar that sits close to the top of one of the waterfalls.

Stand-alone water-carved pillars are an unusual feature. Even human made stone pillars can erode fairly quickly, without the provision of a special capstone and surface treatment. There is a single (precarious) earthen pillar, called the Totem Pole, in the Wollemi Wilderness formed by weathering below on each side of a hard rock capstone (which has defied recent attempts to re-discover). There is a more traditional fractured Basalt pillar in the earth-quake debris that forms Mermaid Pool in the Bargo Canyon (and dozens of examples of exposed basalt pillars on our shore lines).

That this one still stands in the center of the Bungonia Creek (which floods regularly) defies imagination.

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