Saturday, 13 October 2018

Dance Floor Cave Veil, Kanangra-Boyd Wilderness

A waterfall veil hides this overhang cave in the wilderness.

Dance Floor Cave Veil

The cave itself extends back some distance, far enough to be dry. You can camp here and light a fire. Once, people danced on the floor of the cave (early European settlers built a wooden dance floor here, giving the cave its name). The settlers are all gone now, only the cave, and the waterfall remain.

Outside the cave


In the reflected light of a fire at night, the waterfall looks like stained glass in a great cathedral, beyond the craft of a mere camera lens to capture.

Sunrise over Kanangra Walls

This type of overhang cave can be found in some of the southern wilderness areas, and are keenly sought as refuges in rainy weather. I am fond of this place and have used it to tell the story of Hanora in the novel In Praise of Summer.

Nearby Gully

Unlike the eye, cameras have a lot of trouble in high contrast views. Shooting the sky and cave interior are uncomfortable extremes, so if you want to capture what the eye can take in quickly, be prepared to spend time capturing both sky and cave separately, and then combining them in post production. This is a complex image, built from a number of shots taken during a light rain shower at different exposure times and focal lengths to catch a range of details.

Contrast issues - cave and sky

Name: Dance Floor Cave Falls (unofficial)
Height: <5m
Form: Veil
Locality: Old Stock Route, Burragorang Valley


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