Saturday, 13 October 2018

Cave Creek Falls

Cave Creek Falls

I caught these waterfalls with just a trickle of water and a dry pool after a very dry winter. In times of ample water, the waterfall plunges into a cave pool. 

This canyon is full of ferns and leafy trees, and I arrived here to see the first bloom of spring lighting up the flowers in the bush. 

Be prepared to find the cave in deep shadows. 

This is one place where a long exposure may offer the best opportunities of a clear shot.

The Woodhouse Creek Canyon is near the town of Hill Top. A pleasant walk (2.6km return) will take you from the trail entrance to various caves formed by the creek and a deep canyon. Through this fractured landscape, this creek flows partly underground until emerging at the floor of the canyon.

The falls themselves can be found at the far end of the main canyon, inside a cave open to the elements.

There is an old official sign “End of Track” on the right wall. In addition to the official graffiti, there is some (older) unofficial graffiti (which I seldom see). Water is gradually wiping all the graffiti away.

A disused rail line comes very close to the caves and is remarkable for having the deepest cutting in the Southern Hemisphere (it may be possible to catch a bus from the nearby functional Yerrinbool Railway Station to the walking trail entrance at Wilson Drive, Hill Top).

Name: Cave Creek Falls (official)
Height: <5m
Form: Plunge
Locality: Woodhouse Creek. The trails starts at Wilson Drive, Hill Topsome distance from Yerrinbool Railway Station


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