Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Majors Creek Falls

Majors Creek Falls can be found in the Majors Creek State Conservation Area.

This area is not signposted and should be approached with a great deal of care.

The Majors Creek fall is a short walk from the town of Majors Creek. It races down a precipitous drop into the Araluen Valley. In total the creek's falls dance 240 m (790 feet) to the valley floor below. Only 15-20 meters of the main race from a chute fall is visible from adjoining cliff edges. Above the fall are a series of pretty pools and cascades.

While this fall was once well known (and is still well loved by the locals), the lookout for the fall is in ruins and the area is quietly fading back into the wilderness.

Majors Creek Falls

Wilsons Road

Majors Creek at Wilsons Road intersection

Top cascades

Majors Creek Falls


Do not come here after rain. Call in at the Elrington Hotel at Majors Creek for directions to the fall (there are no sign posts).

The fall is accessed from Wilson Street, which is not so much a street as a rough track impassable after any rain. Park your car on the reserve, and walk down the road to Majors Creek. From Majors Creek, walk to the creek (which passes over the road, and then follow it down stream to see the top cascades. Be very careful, the rocks move and are slippery. Do not climb stuff. Do not come into the area if rain threatens, or if the creek is high.

I found good views of the fall on the way back up the track by very carefully following the edge of the escarpment. Do not climb onto any structures you might find here.  Unlike most other falls, the below map shows the fall because it is not vertical.

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