Monday, 23 January 2017

Horseshoe Falls

An intermittent plunge waterfall off the sandstone escarpments into the Grose Valley, near Blackheath, NSW (note that there are a couple of falls named Horseshoe, including those at Hazelbrook). 

This is best observed in winter/early spring after rain.

Notes: Poorly signposted at Govett's Leap at Blackheath, NSW. Take time to read the signs to the left of the Govett's Leap observation point. You are looking for the "Loop Trail" to Pulpit Rock.

The track to this point (in 2017) was via the Loop Trail down the opposite cliff face of the canyon. The trail is dangerous, overgrown in places, and washed out in a number of places. Along the trail there are a number of marked and unmarked exits, one leading to a viewing platform (keep on the Loop Trail). Like most waterfalls, there is no cell reception. The path had a number of brown snakes on it and while shy, they are blindingly fast when they heat up. While this may look an easy walk, do not attempt this without proper hiking equipment, water and crepe bandages.

This waterfall has a small catchment and will stop flowing on the surface in the summer heat, which regularly exceeds 38 degrees C (100 degrees F) out of the shade.
Within the shade of the rainforest the cicadas and birds are noisy loud. The temperature is about 10 degrees cooler, but still hot and oppressively humid.

In mid summer the falls may stop running, on the surface.

The falls are on the Loop Trail to Pulpit Rock

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