Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Basin Creek Falls, Snowy River National Park

This is a cascade waterfall in the Snowy River National Park. The waterfall is best seen from canoe from the Snowy River itself. A gravel road and walking trail will take you to the cliff edge, from which you may not be able to make out the waterfall, but with amazing views of the Snowy River below.

Road access is difficult and very confusing, complicated by the lack of telecommunications facilities. If you are planning to drive here, get a detailed map. Do not rely on road signage. Access is via the Buchan-Orbost Road near the locality of Wilsons Cave. Follow Basin Road and turn onto Old Basin Road until you come to a confusing 5-way intersection. Ignore the Balley Hooly Roads and the Westlea Road at this junction and instead continue along the indistinct steep Old Basin Road which at this point quickly becomes a dangerous single-lane cliff-edge drive alongside the Snowy River. The drive terminates in a very small car park with signage to a track (a strenuous walk) that will take you to the falls. At the cliff edge there is a sign that points at the falls. Exercise great care at this point.
Avoid the area when it rains. You will not see the falls, because all the mountain you are standing on becomes a waterfall.


Intersection of Snowy River (left) and Raymond Creek (right) from the cliff edge of Basin Creek Falls


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