Monday, 21 November 2016

Leura Cascade, near Leura, Blue Mountains National Park

An accessible series of cascades.
Notes: This and the Leura Cascades are very accessible by car, bus or train. You can explore this one in a sky train as well.
This image was taken from the western cliff walk, via an unnamed (but very safe) lookout that starts with a beautiful walk through the top cascades of the upper creek.The Blue Mountains is a dangerous mishmash of paths that, as often as not, will lead the casual tourist over the edge of the cliffs that abound. Even on high use tracks, basic signage is missing, and people must be very alert. Recently, I have travelled a dozen of less known paths to falls that were feted in the 1880s, only to find every single one in ruinous condition (and where a location is too dangerous, I have hesitated posting pictures). It is good to find this one in excellent condition but it is an exception.



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