Monday, 21 November 2016

Katoomba Cascades and Falls, near Katoomba, Blue Mountains National Park

A series of cascades with a large plunge waterfall.
Notes: While the cascades are easy to locate, a view of the waterfall may take a longer walk, and is not well signposted. Persevere and you will eventually find a number of vantage points (and views of other features, particularly Orphan Rock).
Controversy reigns over the name of this creek and the waterfall. Recent studies of recorded conversations dating back to early settlement suggest that the present name was adopted from a first people name for something completely different, possibly by an early developer looking for a catchy name for this place.
CR Bravo suggested this would be a great place to use some model dinosaurs.


Top of main plunge

Main Plunge
(Note the danger of swimming under a deep plunge. At the top of the waterfall is a large broken branch, partly in the flow. Swimmin in the pool at the base of the fall is a swimmer, unaware of the danger.)

Orphan Rock


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