Monday, 21 November 2016

Kalang Falls, near Oberon, Kanangra-Boyd National Park

A remote cascade-fan waterfall.

Notes: This cascade is part way down the escarpment at the Kanangra Walls in a protected gully.

The gravel road to the Kanagra Walls Lookout passes through a camping area with basic facilities before getting to the lookout. The road is surprisingly good and fairly flat.

The trail to this waterfall is clearly marked at the Kanagra Walls Lookout. Do not attempt the trail in late afternoons, fog or wet or icy weather. Take water and give yourself plenty of time. This fall of water, into a deep pool, is difficult to reach (relying on a hard grade hike down the cliff, including a short section along a steel rope).

The older rocks (mid-bottom of the falls) date from the Devonian Period (400m years ago).



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