Sunday, 20 November 2016

Fairy Bower Falls: main plunge, Morton National Park

Description: The main plunge is dealt with in this post. The stream itself has a number of distinct features, including the associated falls and the top of the fall.
Notes: Access is from the nearby town of Bundanoon and the Morton National Park (Bundanoon Loop Road). The walks in the park are well signposted. The Fairy Bower Walking Track will take you down to the top of the falls (avoid the temptation to take a side path to the picnic area - this is a very long train away from the waterfall). After visiting the top of the fall, the trail will take you via a circuitous route to the base of the fall, through a breathtaking cliff face walk.
It is not uncommon for the first plunge to produce waves of mist at the base of the drop. Because of the offset in the two falls, it is deceptively difficult to photograph and keep all elements in focus. The back wall of the main fall has a number of rock features


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