Friday, 25 November 2016

Dream Chocolate 2

In collaboration with +CR Bravo, an animation about the rise of chocolates.
+CR Bravo (illustrations, narration and animation) and +Peter Quinton (story)

La versión en español está aquí: Sueño de Chocolate 2

A lightning raid separated the little chocolate from her sisters. She heard chilling sounds: the unpeeling of wrappers and a sigh. She hid until the sound of laughter receded into the distance. 

Safe, inside a wrapper, her older sister had scoffed at the idea of them ever being taken. She proclaimed, "We are safe here! The 'Come by Night' gang is just a fairy tale to keep us in line." So, her sisters had stayed up late at night. They had played loud music and rustled their wrappers. The little chocolate watched them dance deep into the night. 

Within the dance; her sisters fell into the trance
Of gently twirling; and special swirling
Pre-destined futures; grand promises of life alluring

But now her sisters had all been snatched away! The little chocolate tried to remember the old fairy tale. What happened to misbehaving chocolates when the gang took them? She desperately wanted to think of happy places; she tried to imagine a gold-lined box with ribbons. Instead, she had a sinking premonition. Perhaps her sisters had been cast aside to be gathered by an army of ants and taken deep underground into dark swaying shadows lit by glow worms. Or, she shut her eyes tight at this dark thought, perhaps even now they were dancing with wolves with sharp teeth and red capes.

There was movement above her and the deep booming sound of, "I think I have another one!" 

The little chocolate was disconcerted by being thought of as a thing. She was inclined to stand and argue the point. She turned to face the voice, angrily remembering her sisters, but then slipped into a hole. 
She fell onto a soft, warm floor that moved gently like the sea and smelled of sand and salt. Above her, she felt movement as fingers searched, and then a loud voice said, "Not here... maybe I have a hole in my pocket..."

The little chocolate wanted to freeze but felt herself slipping. "Oh no," she thought, “I am starting to melt." Unglued, she slipped, as helpless as a jelly doughnut. 

She heard a voice laughing. It said, "Come over here. I think I can find the chocolate."

The little chocolate suddenly felt a strange feeling in the air. The plain on which she was sliding warmed, and tilted, rocking with laughter and creases. Her world turned upside down and roundabout. Up was down and down was up, and she found herself between two hills. Dashing for a safe overhang, she clung on for all her chocolatey goodness, embarrassed with the knowledge she had lost a little weight and shape. 

She tried to shrug it off but then a new menace appeared. Light appeared from everywhere, followed by ripples of laughter and earthquakes.

The voice said, low and softly, "Mm, I smell chocolate." The other said, "Come find it if you dare."

The poor little chocolate was melting in worry. She feared what was about to befall her. This was not on the box. She had been promised fine company and intimate moments, not snuffles and bloodshot eyes. Where could she hide? Where were all the other chocolates? This was not supposed to happen! She shut her eyes tight and wished she was back in her wrapper, with all her sisters.

In the distance, a giant face came purposefully towards her, tasting the trail she had left. Suddenly the world went crazy, and the other voice said, "I thought you were chasing my chocolate."

In one last supreme effort, the puddle that the poor little chocolate had become sank down between the cells of the soft skin all around her, into the interspaces of the universe.

Escaping by chemistry, to fulfil her destiny, the little chocolate started to see the world as it truly is and where her sisters had gone. Within her new-found body, she rose in a powerful passion, more than could ever have been imagined. She raised her head. And set about finding and liberating other chocolates from their wrappers.

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