Friday, 26 October 2018

Jerrara Falls, Bungonia National Park

A long ribbon waterfall which can retreat into the rock face in dry periods. Notes: In a deep canyon, the Jerrara Creek fall through a series of cascades (200m, 600') on its way to the Shoalhaven River. This is the final fall (80m, 240') in the cascade. The trees at the base are retained to give a sense of the fall.
The falls are signposted from Adams Walk in the Bungonia State Conservation Park. At the Ranger's Station, stop and check the maps. There are other splendid walks in the area,
Jerrara Falls

Top of Jerrara Canyon

Top of Jerrara Canyon
Looking down into the canyon

Wide angle view - Jerrara Canyon and final fall

Pool at base of Jerrara Falls

The surrounds to this area are very rugged.

Bungonia NP


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