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Characterization - (Crest) Pau, Te-Ulf, Te-Unt, Cascade, An-Ulf, An-Unt, An-Ymt, Finch, Mist

This is a characterisation post about the Dragons Eye story line  briefly outlining some of the Crest characters.

The crest is an advanced and adaptive plains race from the world Terrorfar (known to the crest as Home) circling Proxima Centauri.  Like some of the other humanoid races, they are similar in height and form to humans, and from a distance can be mistaken as human. Both male and female are covered in a thick pelt.  Bones in legs and arms are differently sized to suit rapid four-limb travel, back paws have large pads while front paws are complex and capable of precise manipulation of small objects. Retractable talons are found on front and back paw structures. Tall ears, sometimes shaven with tattoos and, occasionally, rings. Clan affiliations are tattooed on the back, and that area is sometimes groomed for visibility.

Crest clans only permit the (female) leader to breed, and breeding only replaces lost or dead crest. Population size is tightly controlled, with reproduction managed through careful matching and with the assistance of detailed record keeping in the Cliff/cave complex on world known as the Library.


Female Crest, originally leader of the 60 member crest clan. Mother of Finch and Cascade. Partner of Te-Ulf and Te-Unt.

At the time of initial widespread spider incursion to the north, Pau refused to allow her clan to assist following a plea from the story teller An-Ymt. She was unsettled when Finch left with others to join the fight. , eventually participating in the war with her partners and An-Ulf and An-Unt (after first the loss of their female leader, Mist, and the genetic manipulation of her replacement, Finch).
She accepted the gift of genetic manipulation from on world aelf representatives Battle and Plague, becoming the yellow dragon Pau and leaving the clans, and being replaced by the very young and inexperienced Cascade

Male, elder in Pau's clan and her nominal mate (while Pau may cast cubs with different genetic material from Te-Ulf, her cubs defer to his authority). He in on Pau's council and has speaking rights above female members). He attends her during birthtimes at the Tu-Feu Cascades. During the period of the story he becomes unwilling subject to the dragon taint. Pau tames him and uses him to protect her world, with disastrous consequences.

Male, Te-Ulf's alternate. 

Female. Daughter of Pau, and new leader of Pau's clan. She leads the Crest clans from the Desert Sea to New Zealand and Australia.

Female (deceased). Daughter of Pau, leaves the clan and accepts the taint to pursue assistance. Absents herself from the world when unable to control the taint, fleeing to New Zealand and finally the Tallaganda. Her lair attacked by Pete at the start of the cycle and dies in lightning strike when confronting Kathy. Her body is mistaken as Kathy.

Female (deceased). Leader of the clans in the Northern veldt-lands.



Male (deceased). Story teller in Mist's clan.

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March 2016

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