Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Sometimes things do not work out.

Image 1: Failure to tighten navigations screws = lots of unconvincing meteors.

Image 2: Oscillations in satellite paths = vibrations in drive train (here a metal support that needs to be made rigid). The Oscillation can be seen at the left part of the line and was caused by vibration 2 seconds after shutter press. (The oscillation would have happened throughout the picture, reducing overall clarity.)

Image 3: Planets through camera lens (here Mars) = no surface detail due to the planet being close to the horizon and light being distorted by greater atmospheric travel, the difficulty of focussing a camera at such a small object and, in this case, allowing the image to be overblown. Planetary details need guided telescopes. If you just have a camera, use a natural light setting rather than high ISO.

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