Sunday, 3 April 2016

Sailing Bateman's Bay

The port of Bateman's Bay is a tourist destination and home for ocean going yachts and fishermen/women. While the bay is cut by a span bridge, it can be opened to give access to a wide river and the upstream waters of the Clyde River.

While the bay itself looks broad, sailing in protected waters is compromised by sand banks and rough water in the center of the bay, and relatively congested waters (particularly on public holidays). The waters of the bar are dangerous and passage is safest on the incoming tide.

I unloaded the boat at Hanging Rock boat ramp.

I sailed to a pre-booked berth at the nearby Marina, which is well appointed and is home to a beautiful collection of clean ocean going vessels. (Must clean my boat as well.)

The Marina has a great cafe with views of the bay and Marina.

The span bridge can be opened (727263 / 018604777).

Sailing small yachts in protected waters is relatively restricted by prevailing winds, but well worthwhile. Be prepared to use your motor to assist as tacking may be tight and, if the tide is against you, futile. Against the incoming tide, a 54lb thrust electric motor barely made headway.

The bay is home to thousands of jelly fish

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