Saturday, 12 March 2016

Of the Nightfall

I have added a HD pic of the opening image to my wallpapers.

In answer to a question from +Elizabeth Kearvell i noted that i am cautious of animating my shots, moving from RAW to JPG results in the loss of a lot of information, but the move from RAW to GIF reduces you to a pallet of 256 colours, which can make pictures look very flat. But, i was surprised by the outcome here.
I am experimenting with time-lapse photography to accompany the ballad of the Long Tailor, i will use a couple of whole night time-lapses on the basis of this experiment.

In answer to a question from +Marjo Slingerland-Boks i noted that i do not like Fisheye lens in normal photography, because they distort scenes, often for no purpose. They can be powerful tools, and are perfect for catching very broad-field night skies.  The lens i have used here, courtesy of DJ Dredd, is a Canon Fisheye Zoom EF-8 8-15mm 1:4L USM

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