Monday, 8 February 2016

Deep Sky Objects: Carina

Location Maps

Carina is a large constellation, imagined in the shape of a galley boat.

Structures at the 'stern' of the boat

The bright star Canopus, near the bow of the boat

Great Nebula in Carina

A couple of different views of the nebula.

The first is my key shot, the best i have to date. This one was taken at 200mm magnification, and will be improved as i increase magnification to 1000mm and exposure time to 30 minutes.

The next gives you an idea of size - the dark shadows on the left are the extreme edges of the observatory dome (the long line is a metal cylinder about a thumb in diameter, so the nebula occupies roughly the space of a thumb held as far away as you can). This was an exploratory shot, the dome is rotated for serious shots, but i like this one because of the cascading patterns  in the dust cloud below the nebula.

At a slightly higher zoom and orientation, the detail of the nebula becomes visible together with the stars of the Southern Peleides (top right) which contrast the colours of the nebula with their blue haze.

Wishing Well Nebula

Wishing Well Nebula (left) 

Southern Peleides

Southern Peleides (center)

NGC 3114

NGC 3114 Open Cluster (top left)

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