Thursday, 29 October 2015

Troublemakers :)

Scar has parked two juveniles with me, to keep them out of trouble (more likely, they have gotten in trouble back home).

King Parrots: young male on left, female on right

I did not get a say.  But still, what could go wrong?

It turned out to be a full on day with these two. They complained about me not giving them snacks, then decided to eat part of my farm house, before I took them for a walk. Then they found my almond trees and got high on those for a bit before i could get them down. Then they found the apricots. I wouldn't mind so much, but the young have a persistent "feed me, feed me" call - not like Scar who has a wonderful set of quiet assuring vocalisations (like, "I will be back for these shortly").

Babysitting is hard.  The young male is still getting his red chest.

I am not sure if the second was a little girl or not - (her?) chest was a definite green, and she spent a lot of time practicing dance moves (they do a sort of head waving and lengthening/shortening with a short purring sound that is very endearing - until my almonds get eaten).

Pickup time has come and gone. And they are still with me. I wonder if Scar has done a bolt.

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