Thursday, 15 October 2015

Faces in the Bush

We arrive in the night...
Walking under stars,
We reignite
We come alive in the night!

- Aaradhna, The Thirst Pt5, Hilltop Hoods

In the right light, some rocks take on the appearance of living things... The mind leaps from incomplete stimuli to identifying a familiar pattern, where none exists. Perhaps a survival mechanism, but it applies to objects we have never seen in real life.

Whale (Cetotheriidae Extant - thanks +Ann Pollak)

 I found that an underhang on the rock had been used by the first people to sharpen stone tools  - over an extended period from the look of the indentations. (Note to self: go back,and image the surface looking for other marks.) 

Here a pod of dolphins playfully jump through the jaws of another Cetotheriidae Extant.



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