Sunday, 1 March 2015

Characterization - You (Anthem)

This is a post about the  Dragons Eye story line.

The story is told from a point of view - the second third roughly being from the point of view of someone originally referred to as 'You'. 'You', a female named 'Anthem', lives on the other side of the world from Australia and New Zealand.

In this story Anthem is the hero.

Anthem is not a common girl's name - a search suggests that 14 children were given this name last year. I chose the name because I wanted something that was unique but immediately familiar. The name has both military and religious undertones - but in common culture is fast attracting a meaning akin to a thematic anchor - someone you can trust to not move from base values.

I conceive of Anthem in human form as being competent, fast thinking and very, very fast. In an interview with Weasel she is able to recover Pete's phone through slight of hand. She outmaneuvers the Blue Dragon without raising a sweat. She sky-surfs at back of the Sky-Yacht. I conceive of her as willing to live in the moment, and to enjoy a sunset. In this regard her character and voice is an amalgam of people in the G+ stream who have interacted with the story (and other posts), from her perspective.

In Dragon form the aelvish call her the Weaver. I conceive of her as being very dangerous - drawn to the possibility of retribution and the violent exercise of dragon powers. The aelf Solstice, in kitten form, is able to deflect a descent to such catastrophe by keeping her awake in the final part of the story

Her occupation is not given, although it appears to be police or military intelligence. No familial references are given and she appears to live alone without pets.

Her association with Pete is casual. Initially attracted because he is a bit different, she has reason to quickly regret the interest.

Peter Quinton
March 2015

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