Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Bungendore Show - 2015

Annual shows are part of the life of a small rural community. An opportunity to display ordinary or extraordinary produce - eggs,wool, flowers and paintings of every hue. The entries are judged by your peers, and the competition for best jam or pickle can be fierce, extend for decades and result in exceptional results. 

Long after the show ends, in stables, sheds and homes, the ribbons awarded still hang from rafters or curtain rails, A reminder of a summer, years before everything changed, and people grew older and became tired. Touching an old ribbon is best done in the quiet of an evening. There you can remember the day: the rain or the heat, the conversation with a friend, the touch of an eye, the taste of warm tea, the band in the distance, the vibration of heavy horses long gone. 

This year the memory will be of the cool wet weather we have had. A year of wonderful growth.

Peter Quinton
January 2015

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