Saturday, 20 December 2014


Thunderstorms out here can be deadly. Lightning strikes and strong winds set the grasslands and forests on fire. Sometimes, in the high plains and mountains, soaking rain puts out the flames.  While in the Rural Fire Service, I would sometimes start out for rising smoke, only to see rain do the hard work.

This year it was not so lucky for an old sheep farm I lived at when I worked as a criminal lawyer to the east of Canberra - Waratah. Grass fires destroyed a swath of grass and timbered lands through the area, although the old homestead seems safe.

In one recent storm that hit my farm recently, this young king parrot took a bit of a beating. The pictures show a little damage to the top of the left leg - although when he first came by, his flight was unsteady.

Since then, he has been taking it easy at the farm, and has been recovering fast - his flight seems strong, although some of the feathers are still out of place. 

Because he was been storm scarred, I have called him Mangga - Thunderstorm. He sits outside my study, calling me to come out so he can take a ride on head or shoulder as I do farm chores.  He takes a keen interest in my watch.

It is time to organize mating and shearing of the alpacas - I am looking a bit shaggy at the moment as well. I will ask the shearer to give me a cut as well.

Peter Quinton
December 2014

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