Sunday, 2 November 2014

Grey Butcherbird

This bird is an infrequent and problematic visitor to the farm.  They do a great job cleaning up baby snakes but they also terrorize small birds and lizards (note the cruel barb on the end of the top beak).  

This fellow is an immature, hopefully just passing through. Problematic as they may be, they have a wonderful call.  Almost mesmerizing... quorrok-a-quokoo

These are the subject of a beautiful and sad local legend, concerning the upper cascades of the Shoalhaven River.  One day I will tell it here, but it concerns three young women who are saved by this bird and others like it, because of their totem affiliation. 

While some people are naturally bird-people, and seem to get along with these fellows, when a Grey Butcherbird comes to the farm, all the small birds fall silent and hide.

Immature Grey Butcherbird - early October

Immature Grey Butcherbird - early November

Immature Grey Butcherbird - early November
Peter Quinton
November 2014

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