Sunday, 19 October 2014


Highly venomous, our local snakes are up and moving with the returning warmth.  

It is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between Brown Snakes and Tiger Snakes - Tigers can have slight yellow coloration underneath or obvious bands of darker colors.  With no pressing need to differentiate, I give them all a wide berth.

Today I came across this one.

These ones are a bit unpredictable and very very fast.  When they get cross, they pump their heads up and and stand high n the air.  This one just slipped into the grass, and disappeared.  They are not all fearful... we have lovely big slow ones as well, that are not poisonous, that you can wear, wrapped around your shoulders. This one was quite long - perhaps 5 feet - and looks like it has been eating mice or lizards.   

And a parting shot as it vanishes into the grass.

I once ran over the tail of one of these in a car on an old dirt track.  The snake flipped in through the passenger window. I slammed on the brake and jumped out of the moving car, leaving the snake to drive the car by itself, for a little way.  Never found the snake and I ended up walking home.

Peter Quinton
October 2014

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