Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Tanglewood - experimenting with animations

I published a picture of the galactic core a day ago.  One of the comments on the post struck an interesting cord.

+Natalie K. reminded me that stars sparkle

When I take dark sky pictures, very bright stars burn into the picture.  If you magnify the picture - the image of the star starts to expand into nearby pixels, making the star appear bigger.  However, looking through a large telescope even very bright stars are single points of light (although very bright).  These points of light dance, moving slightly, and changing brightness - according to atmospheric conditions.

So I went back to pictures of the sky and attempted to capture this in high quality images.  I then examined what was happening and tried to reproduce the effect in the attached animation.

The animation consists of a master frame - with two overlays (in total creating 4 frame variations) - creating the illusion of tighter stars with some atmospheric movement - twinkle :)

Peter Quinton
September 2014

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