Thursday, 28 August 2014

Snow Gums on Hoskins Hill - near Hoskingstown, New South Wales

Most of my images are published in a format that is 640 pixels across the image with a depth of 72 pixels.  These are drawn from hi-res RAW photographs with far higher resolution (eg 4,000+ pixels across with a depth of 300+ pixels).  

In some case - like the below picture - the picture is a composite of many individual photographs, stitched together to form a single picture.

Sometimes, the big picture doesn't work out when it is, in turn, shrunk for web publication - it might have too much detail, or the shrinking/display process may introduce artifacts or blur not present in the original.

This picture was produced for a 10m by 15m wall - the summary photo here gives an idea of what the picture contains, but misses the detail.  An extract of the detail is produced below.


Peter Quinton
August 2014

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