Monday, 11 August 2014

Assimilis (?) - Yandyguinula Creek

I came to the Yandyguinula looking for a blue fairy wren and harem but got side-tracked by a platypus and then something completely different.

A Yandyguinula waterfall

If you look in the first two pictures, you will see a wake.

Then a small face and large rounded ears.  I wonder if this an Assimilis - a bush rat with webbed feet that has been living here for 2 million years (although it could be just as well be a common black rat).

The creek itself is full of water at the moment - and running very clear - although  there is a lot of debris from willow in and around the water.

Snow Grass by the bank

In the tangle of branches above, some birds.

And, just for a moment, the blue fairy wren...

Only to be replaced, in a flash by an officious looking female, who scolded me for disturbing the peace.

Peter Quinton
August 2014

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