Tuesday, 29 July 2014


A narcissist is supposed to be the center of their own universe.

I do not know any human narcissists - but have met a couple of birds that might just qualify.  Take this Silver gull from Lakes Entrance.

1: Checking that the universe revolves around me.

2: Inside the protective barrier, built up as a young gull as a result of some traumatic event, focusing on what is real and important.

3. Taking comfort and drawing strength from the attention of other gulls.

4. Taking the relationship one beak further.

5. Woops, in too deep.

6.  Did anyone see ?

Did a bit of reading about narcissism preparing this, but the texts I read were one step from witch-doctory and about as useful. A surprising number focused on the real life experience of therapists with colleagues or former friends and lovers. I am amazed we tolerate the existence of such quackery in such an important area based on such flimsy science.

Peter Quinton
July 2014

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