Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Animation - Plains Road, Hoskingstown

View south along the plain cut by the Molonglo River.  In the distance, the clouds send tendrils of mist down to dress and undress the hills.

This afternoon.

This animation started as a series of short 1-2 second movies.  I think I shot about 50 of these until the sun broke through at the right time.  In Photoshop CC, I imported the most steady avi file, dropping every second frame, into a series of 18 layers - trying for a complete rotation - focusing on a rusted blade (every 1.8 seconds in the final). In the animation timeline, to reflect the dropping of half the frames, I increased the length of each element to 0.1 second.  

While the camera was fairly steady, there was still a lot of movement - so I manually adjusted each frame so that there was no movement at one or two key points - a bit difficult as the bearing of the windmill slowly shifted, and the gear below also wobbled :)   

I then chose a single level, duplicated it and made it the alpha layer, and created a transparent zone where I wanted to demonstrate movement.  I masking all parts of the other layers outside this zone, reducing the final file size to about 5% of the original.  

Peter Quinton
Palerang   July 2014

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