Tuesday, 13 May 2014

King Parrots - Molonglo High Plains

King Parrots (in the Yuin language group "Gatandjan") over-winter on the Molonglo High Plains. 

They are talkative, large (40cm - 17"), live for 20-30 yrs and mate for life. 

The male has a red chest and head.  

Females (like immature males) have a green head.

King Parrots - Male forward red head, female back green head

About this time of year a couple of pairs return to the farm with this years children.  A particular male, distinguished by a white scar on his chest, has been coming for many seasons: Scar.

They live in the nearby forests - eating a wide variety of seeds - but they make a point of coming by once a day to train me to give them seed.  They land on the roof, turn upside down, and follow my movements through the farm house.  If I dont come out fast enough, they will politely tap on the window.  

This pair are the first to return this year. I have heard them nearby for about a week and dont recognize either of them - although the male may have been a child from last year.  The female is very shy.  

This morning the male came asking for sunflower seed heads - which have just been harvested. 

King Parrot - Male

King Parrot - Female

King Parrot - Male

King Parrots - Male right red head, female left green head

King Parrots - Scratching.  Male right, Female left

King Parrots - Male right, female left

King Parrots - Male forward red head, female back green head

Peter Quinton
May 2014

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