Sunday, 25 May 2014

Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Male kangaroos fight each other, leaning back on their tails and lashing out with their back legs.  

These males are in the same large mob of Eastern Grey Kangaroos.  The mob have camped around a wetland which is drying in stages - producing a different layers of color. 

This guy has come down from the hills to live with me for a bit while he recuperates.  You can see where a fight has left scars on his flank.  

He might have been beaten, but he is still proud.  He shows no fear of me.

A while back, I reared a couple of joeys (baby kangaroos).  Feeding them a special formula, keeping them in an old pillow slip for pouch time, teaching them how to nibble grass, babysitting them at work (hanging the pillow slip on the back of a door or chair) and, as soon as it was time, reintroducing them to their 'people'.  In return, they taught me a little of their language and one, once, carefully, showed me her own joey.

There is nothing more exhilarating than running with a mob of 30-40 'roos travelling fast though scrub-land.

Peter Quinton
May 2014

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