Sunday, 20 April 2014

Scorpius Rising - I

Winter is almost here in the Southern Hemisphere.  When Scorpius starts to rise in the evening sky, I know that the first frost of winter is not far off.  Tonight, I found the first stars in Scorpius on the Eastern horizon.  Antares, the key star in the constellation, is yet to rise.

As I took these photos the temperature fell.  Across the ridges of the nearby banksia forest foxes cried to each other.  Further away, high in the mountains, a dingo howled its hate.

Earlier in the evening

High in the sky now - the Southern Cross - stars and nebula everywhere

A couple of nights later, Scorpius was completely above the horizon and the sky was darker - here for that photo-shoot and a sketch of the constellation.

Peter Quinton
Palerang  April 2014

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