Thursday, 24 April 2014

Scorpius Rising - II

Scorpius is now above the horizon - here in South-Eastern Australia.

Tonight I climbed to the top of an old granitic outcrop, a couple of miles below the volcano Palerang, for these shots.

Taking these were a lot of fun.  Star photos are a bit like magic... within a familiar setting, each frame reveals hidden detail and structure just beyond the capability of the eye.

While the night was very dark, the granite boulders in the foreground were slightly illuminated by activity at a farmhouse a couple of miles distant. I have played with black balance to draw out the structures in the Milky Way dust structures.

I have roughly sketched the shape of the constellation - and ID'd the named stars.  

I started to pack up when a cloud bank appeared from the coast.  The cold air rolled over me in a matter of a couple of minutes...

Earlier - a shot of autumn leaves.

Peter Quinton
April 2014

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