Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Deep inside a spectacular limestone canyon

In the Great Dividing Ranges near Taralga, New South Wales, Australia are the Wombeyan Caves.

Access to the area is by way of a single lane mountain road - with sheer cliffs.  Fortunately, I did not meet another vehicle on the road (but it is not a road to chance without great caution).  As I wasn't in a rush to get back onto the road, I went exploring the valley and caves instead.

This series of shots shows the limestone valley and dry creek bed bordered by Casuarina pines.  The massive cave entrance opens onto a number of cave systems - including a self-guided cave, which gave me a chance to set up shots without any pressure to catch up with a tour.  With such a wealth of subjects, I think I got lost in the forest.

A wonderful way to spend a couple of hours.  Plenty of huts for those who want to stay a couple of days.

And then down into the cave...

Peter Quinton
Palerang  April 2014

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