Saturday, 22 March 2014

Abandoned Farms in the High Country - II

This is one of a series of posts dealing with the Molonglo High Plains (Hoskinstown, Rossi, Forbes Creek and other areas to the west of the old volcano Palerang).  The entire series is at:

Walking in the cold morning.

Some didn't come home from the wars.  Some died of influenza in 1919 or the fires that ravaged the land during the Depression or the repossessions by banks in the 1880s.  Some drowned in the creek after a cloudburst, washed from a horse coming home, trying to pail water or through a moment of inattention.  Others died alone from hunger, cold or snakebite.  Some rebuilt away from flood or closer to the sun.  Even the old-timers do not remember some of the names.

The old homesteads were left behind, slowly falling back into the ground.  Some now are reduced to a single hearthstone or step, others just the memory of an orchard.

Stone ruin, Foothills Black Range

Detail - Stone ruin, Foothills Black Range

Hampton Wood on the Yandyguinula: The pioneering family of William and Elizabeth White settled here in October 1879.  While the house has come to the end of its days, the property still runs cattle and sheep.

Hampton Wood

Lone Hearthstone, foothills Black Range

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